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    What is Aromasin 25mg? Aromasin 25mg pills come under the family of anti-cancer medications popular as aromatase inhibitors. Also, the pills of Aromasin 25 mg helps to cure breast cancer in females who have attained the age of menopause. Besides, menopause means the end of menses periods. Moreover, breast cancer forms a variety of cancer…

  • Kilfat Tablet

    Buy Sustanon 250


    What Is Sustanon? About Buy Sustanon 250 Online Buy Sustanon 250 Online is an injection given to restore levels of testosterone in case of deficiency. Lack of testosterone is not only bad for sexual health but also results in tiredness, depression and low self-confidence. This situation is also termed male hypogonadism. Common symptoms for identifying…

  • cabanex 0.5 mg

    Cabanex 0.5mg


    What is Cabanex 0.5mg? Cabanex 0.5mg is a pill that is an inhibitor of high prolactin levels. Due to some abnormal conditions in the pituitary gland, the hormonal secretion of prolactin will increase by several folds. Cabergoline is a generic substance and you will not find this as the brand of any pills. This substance…

  • Cabergoline 1mg

    CABANEX 1mg


    Buy Cabanex 1mg online Cabanex 1mg pills form a dopamine agonist. Also, the pills of Cabanex 1mg aid in the management of elevated levels of prolactin in the system. Besides, this medicine is useful for preventing breast milk secretion in the event of miscarriage, abortion, or stillbirth. Moreover, Cabanex 1mg tablets can treat the signs of Parkinson’s disease. Therefore,…

  • Cytotam 10

    Cytotam 10 (Tamoxifen)


    What is Cytotam 10? Cytotam 10  is helpful for the treatment of both men’s and women’s breast cancer disease. This medication belongs ‘anti-neoplastic agents’ class. This medicine also helps in treating infertility problems caused due to the failure of the process of ovulation. Breast cancer increases because of estrogen for its growth, this medicine reduces…

  • Cytotam 20

    CYTOTAM 20 (Tamoxifen)


    What is Cytotam 20? Cytotam 20 is a pill that is for use in women who are suffering from breast cancer. This is cancer-curing and checking the type of pill that will prevent aggravating of cancer. The time for women during their pre and post-menstrual time is when women are at risk of suffering from…

  • Eutropin 4 IU Injection

    EUTROPIN 4IU (Somatropin)


    What is Eutropin 4 IU Injection? Eutropin 4 IU Injection  is an injectable category. It contains a salt known as Sompatropin 4IU that is a manufactured compound resembling the human growth hormone. Using the injection is mainly done on children suffering from growth failure problems due to less secretion of the endogenous human growth hormone….

  • Proluton Depot 250mg (Hydroxyprogesterone Caproate)

  • Proluton Depot 500mg

    Proluton Depot 500mg (Hydroxyprogesterone Caproate)


    What is Proluton Depot 500mg? Proluton Depot 500mg is a medicine that helps prevent premature birth in females. This is an injectable form of medicine that you only need to take when the doctors administer it to you. Using this injectable medicine helps relieve pregnant females of giving birth too early which is also known…

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    Puregraf 150 IU Injection

  • Kilfat Tablet

    Puregraf 75 IU Injection

  • Kilfat Tablet

    Somatropin (S-tropin) 10iu

  • Kilfat Tablet

    Sustaviron 250

  • Kilfat Tablet

    Testenate depot 250

  • Kilfat Tablet

    Testoviron Depot 250

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    THYRO 3