CB-Lin 0.50mg

CB-Lin 0.5 mg

Product Code: 7
Active Ingredient: Cabergoline
Indication: Increased prolactin levels, Acromegaly
Manufacturer: Serum Institute India
Packaging: 2 tablets in strip
Strength: 0.50mg
Delivery Time: 6 To 15 days
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What is CB-Lin 0.5 mg?

CB-Lin 0.5 mg is the drug widely used across the globe by doctors in the treatment of hyperprolactinemia, in simple words the medical condition in which the prolactin levels in your body are too high..

The higher prolactin level in the body is harmful, for both men and women. In women, the mammary glands still produce milk, even after the miscarriage, after abortion or the child has grown till a certain age but still the mother is producing milk. This is the result of higher prolactin levels.

Uses of CB-Lin 0.5 mg

The main purpose for which CB-Lin 0.5 mg is known across the borders is due to its extensive use in hyperprolactinemia. CB-Lin 0.5 mg has to date revived many men and women from this disorder. You may think what grave can happen with increased prolactin levels, if yes then you are living under the rock. Too much prolactin levels in men can lead to the discharge of milk from breasts in men also. Yes!! You heard the right thing, in some cases, even the male was found to discharge milk, the mammary gland in them also enlarges significantly.

What happens if you take too much CB-Lin 0.5 mg?

  • Too much of anything in this whole universe is not good for anyone. Going with the same theory too much of CB-Lin is also harmful to your own body. In such a situation instead of lowering the prolactin levels, CB-Lin 0.50mg can, in turn, cause several defects in your body.
  • The nervous system is disrupted to such an extent that during work hours one starts feeling fainted and seeing hallucinations. The person is unable to perform any task that requires concentration and attention for a long time.

What Precautions Are Required with CB-Lin 0.5  Mg?

  • Not only before consuming CB-Lin 0.5 mg but before taking any drug in your body one must know in detail about the drug because it’s not matters of any clothing or electronic gadget but a slight mistake can cause serious damage to your body.
  • With CB-Lin the person using must not be allergic to Cabergoline the main constituent of the reactive chemical of CB-Lin 0.5 mg. This precaution is mostly handled by the doctors if your doctor is a legal one because normally doctors know what their patients are allergic to.
  • People who drive a lot must not take this drug or fix a time frame consultation with the doctor as on eating the person feels dizzy and sleepy which is dangerous during driving.
  • If the correct strength is not working or showing any remarkable changes in you, remain calm and don’t panic, and increases the strength of the drug by yourself. Tell the doctor and share your view before doing so.
  • CB-Lin 0.5 mg is certified by CDSCO (Central Drugs Standard Control Organisation), the regulatory body of medicines, health supplements, and medical devices that are allowed to be sold in India. So, a certified medical store will never give anyone CB-Lin without seeing the prescription of a doctor. But if you somehow manage to buy the drug from some unknown sources, it may be risky because one may not know which chemical it is made of. It may be some other cheap substitute of Cabergoline which instead of doing some good to you, could seriously negatively affect your health.
  • One must intake the pill with only water and any other beverage like cold drinks or any acidic juice or even alcoholic beverage is not allowed.

Where to Buy CB-Lin 0.5 Mg Online?

  • CB-Lin 0.50mg is so popular among doctors and their patients and India being the pharmacy of the world exports CB-Lin to other parts of the world as well. So, it always is in high demand in medical stores be it offline or online.
  • You can easily get it from any medical store in your vicinity, and if you prefer staying at home you can also order from trusted pharmaceutical websites like buycabergoline.com. And in present conditions, people have got used to shopping things online from groceries, to clothes to medicines.

Why Buy CB-Lin 0.5 Mg from Us?

  • Buying CB-Lin 0.5 mg from Buycabergoline.com has multiple advantages over other online pharma sites or from offline stores. One regularly gets a discount on medicines while ordering from buycabergoline.com. The delivery partner and the logistics department of Buycabergoline are superb in comparison to others such as the packaging is done with taking full care of people’s privacy. The delivery agent or any other person from outside will not know actually what is inside the parcel.
  • com is known for its genuineness in the medical circle, all credit goes to the original medicines which we supply to our customers. We understand the suffering of the patient with which he/she is undergoing. If someone orders a medicine from Buycabergoline he/she is trusting us that’s why there are choosing us from millions of options available on the net. We feel responsible for that trust have till date lived up to the expectations of our customers.

CB-Lin 0.5 Mg price?

  • The most important factor in any business is the price factor, the cost at which they will be selling their products to the public. The cost should be such that it should benefit the manufacturing company as well as not make a hole in the customer’s pocket.
  • The price of CB-Lin 0.5 Mg in India is around rupees 150 for 1 strip, each strip containing 2 pills which makes the cost of 1 pill about 75 rupees, which is not so sky-high.
  • The challenge for any product is to how to penetrate all the classes and strata of the society so that their product reaches even the lowest-earning people. For lower-class people whose incomes are from hand to mouth may find it difficult to afford, but the middle class and upper-middle-class can easily afford the drug.

CB-Lin 0.5 Mg dosage

  • In normal cases, the person suffering from hyperprolactinemia is advised to eat 1 pill a day by the doctors, but who knows they may change this depending on the person.
  • If for any reason you miss your dose on a particular day, leave it for the day and the next day take as prescribed. Don’t try to make up for the last day by eating double pills on the next day.

CB-Lin 0.5Mg brand name

The brand name is CB-Lin under the name with which the drug is sold, but the active salt in the drug is Cabergoline.

CB-Lin 0.5 Mg side effects

  • It’s no new that any drug has side effects, every drug will show side-effects if the conditions are not favorable for the drug. Minor side-effects are generally not considered by us as they are ignored because, after a certain point of time, they vanish or fade away on their own. The problem begins if side-effects become permanent and are persistent for long periods. Some ill-effects are:
  • Head Pain
  • Constipation
  • Hallucinations
  • Vertigo
  • Sleepiness in working hours
  • Insomnia
  • Nausea
  • Unhealthy stomach

CB-Lin 0.5 Mg and pregnancy

  • There is no research to date showing that intake of Cabergoline at the time of pregnancy is not healthy for the mother, which brings us to the conclusion that pregnant women can eat the pill if their breasts discharge milk during pregnancy. But before taking any step please consult your doctor as it is a delicate phase of one life as she is carrying one life in her, so utmost care needs to be taken.

CB-Lin 0.50 Mg reviews

  • The reviews of CB-Lin 0.5 Mg are very overwhelming to the overall team of Arrowmeds.com, the amount of patience, hard work which goes into keeping our customers choice at the priority is the reason why our users are full of praise for our products as well as for our on-time delivery.
  • If you have been reading the page till here, place the order of CB-Lin 0.50 Mg from Arrowmeds.com and share your experience with us in the comments section.

CB-Lin 0.5 Mg for sale

  • One must not go for sale products as they are the discarded items which have to remain unsold, the mall people just put a board of Sale and people throng to supermarkets in name of the sale. But in reality, what they are buying is not an original and fresh product but it may be an expired one.
  • But ordering CB-Lin from Arrowmeds.com will change your notion about the sale. Get your orders delivered at the doorstep and with it use available promo codes and coupons which give you the feeling of a virtual sale.

CB-Lin 0.5 Mg Wholesaler

  • The wholesalers in the retail sectors are the main people behind the availability of goods to common people through regular shops.
  • com offers you prices that are at par with wholesalers, so get it from them.

Frequently asked questions(FAQs)

Is It safe with alcohol?

Taking cabergoline together with liquor may build symptoms, for example, discombobulation, tiredness, disarray, and trouble concentrating.

Is it safe to drive while on this prescription?

Ought to be careful while driving or utilizing machines.

Does this influence kidney work?

There is no information accessible. If it’s not too much trouble counsel specialist before devouring the medication.

Does this influence liver capacity?

There is no connection between liver hindrance and devouring this medication. So portion modification isn’t required.


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