2000 calorie meal plan bodybuilding

The standard amount of calorie intake for most adults is taken to be 2000 calories a day. Taking in this much amount of calories through various food items is considered to be meeting your all energy and nutrient needs. So if you want to stick to a diet or meal plan for bodybuilding then the […]

Best Multivitamin bodybuilding

Are you taking multivitamin tablets for building your body or for the growth of muscle mass in your body? If you are doing so it’s mainly because you want to protect your health. Although many are using multivitamin tablets or pills for building their body there is very limited evidence to show up that vitamins […]

The ultimate guide about Prolactin levels

What is prolactin? Prolactin is a hormone originally named for its function of promoting milk production (lactation) in mammals in response to youth suckling after birth. It has since been shown to have more than 300 functions in the body. These can be split into several areas: reproductive, metabolic, fluid regulation (osmoregulation), immune system regulation […]

The basic Knowledge about Hyperprolactinemia in Women

What is Prolactin? Prolactin is a hormone that your pituitary gland produces and sits at the bottom of the brain. Prolactin causes breasts to grow and develop and causes milk after the birth of a baby. Both men and women typically have small amounts of prolactin in their blood. Other hormones, called prolactin-inhibiting factors (PIFs), […]

Difference between High Prolactin Levels and Low Prolactin Levels

A test of prolactin (PRL) tests how much of a hormone you have in your blood, called prolactin. You produce the hormone in your pituitary gland, which is just below your brain. When women become pregnant or have just given birth, their levels of prolactin rise so that they can produce breast milk. But if […]

Reason behind lower prolactin levels in Women

What exactly are prolactinomas? Breast milk formation is caused by a hormone called prolactin that originates from the lactotrophic cells in your pituitary gland. Benign tumors arising in the pituitary gland when lactotrophic cells develop a mutation that ensures they divide repeatedly, producing a large number of cells and, in turn, prolactin over-production. This is […]