6 Amazing Foods that boost your milk supply, mama

6 Amazing Foods that boost your milk supply, mama

How to increase the supply of breast milk?

  • One of the easiest ways to increase the supply of milk is to keep your little one breastfeeding. More often than not, your baby suckling in your breast is safer than any other way to help your body produce more milk.
  • Emptying the milk means that your body will increase the production of milk. The more bare your breasts are, the better milk they generate. The more full your breasts are, the slower the milk they make. Waiting longer between feedings, waiting for more milk to fill your breasts is the wrong approach, and will actually result in less milk being created by your body. In order to stimulate more milk, feed your baby regularly. If you feel that there is a need for improvement in your milk supply, then you should consider adding foods that promote milk production. Galactagogues are called milk-stimulating foods.

6 amazing foods for the Increase Breast Milk

  • You’re going to start feeding your baby right from birth (unless there are some medical complications) This means you need all the health and strength you need to be able to feed your baby and help your body recover.
  • Many foods are available that increase breast milk and improve lactation. Breast milk provides all the essential nutrients required for a newborn baby’s overall growth and brain development. Here is a list of the top 6 foods to be included in your diet in order to increase the supply of breast milk. Such foods not only help to increase the production of breast milk but also to return to health after your pre-production
  • If you’re not sure what foods will help boost your supply of milk, don’t look any further. Here are 10 galactagogues, also known as milk-enhancing foods, plus a smoothie recipe that you’re going to try.

1. Oats:

  • Oats are full of saponins that trigger the pituitary gland’s milk-making hormones. For additional deliciousness, enjoy a breakfast bowl and top with crushed walnuts and dried apricots.

2. Dandelion:

  • Its leaves and roots are used for postpartum recovery and to boost the supply of milk in Chinese and Native American cultures. You can also sauté the leaves and root or eat it whole. Alternatively, dandelion tea is an easy way to consume if you enjoy teas.

3. Asparagus:

  • Rich in nutrients, folic acid vitamin A, C, and K, asparagus is a perfect vegetable for nursing moms and is also great for improving supply due to the phytoestrogens and tryptophan in it. Tryptophan is an essential amino acid that is the milk-making hormone in the breastmilk equation that can activate prolactin.

4. Papaya:

  • Papayas were widely used as a galactagogue in Asia. It is traditionally made from green (not ripe) papayas into a soup. Enzymes and phytochemicals in papaya are thought to be capable of enhancing breast tissue and improving lactation.
  • Papaya was used as a natural sedative as well. The sedating quality will help you relax while also helping with the cycle of milk flow. So, in short, to add to your day a winner!

5. Hummus:

  • legumes including chickpeas, lentils, and lima beans are often known as lactogenic foods. Hummus, made of chickpeas, tahini, garlic, lemon juice, and olive oil, is a great and tasty breastfeeding snack for mothers.
  • It’s a complete protein, and the combination of chickpeas and garlic (another galactagogue) makes it a rich and delicious snack and a great choice for nursing moms.

6. Apricots:

  • Apricots (particularly dried apricots) contain phytoestrogens that help balance lactation hormones. Apricots contain high amounts of fiber, vitamin A, C, potassium, and calcium.
  • It is thought that calcium-rich dried fruits such as figs, apricots, and dates may aid in the production of milk. Apricots, like other lactogenic foods on this list, also contain tryptophan, which naturally increases the levels of prolactin.
  • If you can use medication treatment for the increased prolactin level then by online cabergoline medicine.
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