Prolactin Level Test in Men And Women

Clarify prolactin and the prolactin test Prolactin is composed of the pituitary gland in the brain. It’s also called PRL or lactogenic hormone. Prolactin is mainly used to help ladies with creating milk after childbirth. It’s important for both male and female reproductive health. The particular function of prolactin in men isn’t well-known. However, prolactin […]

Aware About Hyperprolactinemia And The Menstrual Cycle

Top things to know Prolactin is a hormone that is generally known for stimulating lactation (breast milk production), but at the same time, it’s engaged with functions including ovulation, reproduction, immunity, and blood cell formation. Hyperprolactinemia is where there is an unusually high measure of prolactin in the body. People with hyperprolactinemia may encounter unpredictable […]

Acromegaly Symptoms Causes And Treatment

What Is Acromegaly? Acromegaly is a rare hormonal condition that results from an abundance measure of development hormone (GH) in the body. The extra amount of GH causes excess growth in the bones and soft tissues of the body. Kids with the condition can grow to abnormal heights. They may also have an exaggerated bone […]

The Information guide about Prolactin levels

What is Prolactin? Prolactin is one of many hormones which the pituitary gland produces. All over the body, prolactin has several different functions. Maybe prolactin’s most important function is to stimulate milk development in women after a baby has been born. During pregnancy, the prolactin levels increase allowing the mammary glands in a woman’s breast […]

Women Need to Know Prolactin and Breastfeeding

Prolactin is a hormone produced in the brain via the pituitary gland. It plays an important role in controlling many body functions, including ovulation, metabolism, and immunity, but its primary purpose is to stimulate the mammary glands to start producing milk. Increased hormone levels are vital to ensuring a sufficient supply of milk for nursing […]

Can High prolactin levels cause hair loss?

Prolactin is a secreted hormone in the anterior pituitary gland. Its main role is to stimulate the development of milk after infancy in women. Recent studies, however, have also shown a link between high levels of Prolactin and our hair’s health-or lack of it. Higher Serum Prolactin levels have been found to be associated with […]